New NC Write 5.0 Features Are Here!

August 3, 2015

NC Write has released its latest version: NC Write 5.0.

NC Write 5.0 includes many enhancements that complement existing prompt, lesson, and reporting features. Some of our exciting improvements include:

  • Accessibility options, including adjustable font size, color contrast, color overlay, and line reader
  • New graphic organizers and interactive lessons
  • New report layouts with additional performance insights
  • Ability to recommend prompts to individual students or groups of students
  • Ability to work on more than one writing assignment at a time
  • Search feature that allows teachers to search for prompts by title or description
  • Enhanced error recognition for mechanics and sentence formation

Register for an upcoming The Dazzling World of NC Write 5.0 webinar to learn more about this new release. If you're looking for a full list of our features, it can be found hereContact us with questions!

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