It’s wonderful!

“Students receive immediate feedback, I can see their strengths and weaknesses anywhere without having to carry around their papers, I can assign needed lessons, students can read tips, it’s wonderful!”
– ELA Teacher, Hertford County Middle School, Hertford County

A Game-changer

“NC Write has been a game-changer in my teaching career.”
– 5th Grade Teacher, Durham Public Schools

A Valuable Writing Tool

“NC Write is a valuable writing tool that can be used across all curriculum. As a Science and Social Studies teacher, I have incorporated this valuable writing tool into my classroom. Students can easily research, plan, and then insert their paper into NC Write. The program is simple for students to use and makes it even more simple for teachers with the grading of the assignment. Getting our middle school students accustomed to this program is also a benefit since our high school uses this program too.”
– 7th Grade Science and Social Studies Teacher, Bowman Middle School, Mitchell County

Student Engagement

“[NC Write] has increased the amount of writing that our students do and the frequency of their writing.”
– Principal, Hertford County Middle School, Hertford County

Immediate Feedback

“The benefits are excellent in that students are able to receive immediate feedback, so they can revise and resubmit to get a better score. Feedback is very important for students; NC Write helps to reduce the wait time for response.”
– Teacher, Hertford County High School, Hertford County

A Record of Student Growth

“I use [NC Write] now, and have been using it for the last several years. Needless to say, I am a fan and would be very disappointed if we didn’t have it … I think that it should be an integral part of our Common Core. Perhaps by the time our students reach HS they could be so skilled and comfortable with HOW to write a formal essay, they could put more emphasis on WHAT they would like to communicate to their readers. The skills which NC Write teaches, the scoring it utilizes, are meaningful to our students. It is practical experience which teaches our kids writing as a process … It can also become a very important way for them to keep a record of their own growth as a writer. Finally, as busy as teachers are, it is wonderful to have a relevant, reliable program which helps us score writing assignments.”
– ELA Teacher, Bowman Middle School, Mitchell County